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Delphi source code for Files >> Get the version of a file

Category: Files
Title: Get the version of a file
Date added: 15.03.2006
Hits: 31996

function GetVersion(sFileName:string): string;
  VerInfoSize: DWORD;
  VerInfo: Pointer;
  VerValueSize: DWORD;
  VerValue: PVSFixedFileInfo;
  Dummy: DWORD;
  VerInfoSize := GetFileVersionInfoSize(PChar(sFileName), Dummy);
  GetMem(VerInfo, VerInfoSize);
  GetFileVersionInfo(PChar(sFileName), 0, VerInfoSize, VerInfo);
  VerQueryValue(VerInfo, '\', Pointer(VerValue), VerValueSize);
  with VerValue^ do
    Result := IntToStr(dwFileVersionMS shr 16);
    Result := Result + '.' + IntToStr(dwFileVersionMS and $FFFF);
    Result := Result + '.' + IntToStr(dwFileVersionLS shr 16);
    Result := Result + '.' + IntToStr(dwFileVersionLS and $FFFF);
  FreeMem(VerInfo, VerInfoSize);

procedure Form1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

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