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Delphi source code for Files >> Get all information about file

Category: Files
Title: Get all information about file
Date added: 15.03.2006
Hits: 16840

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  MyS: TWin32FindData;
  FName: string;
  MyTime: TFileTime;
  MySysTime: TSystemTime;
  with Memo1.Lines do
    Add('Directory - '+ExtractFileDir(FName));
    Add('Drive - '+ExtractFileDrive(FName));
    Add('Extension - '+ExtractFileExt(FName));
    Add('File name - '+ExtractFileName(FName));
    Add('Path - '+ExtractFilePath(FName));

    FindFirstFile(PChar(FName), MyS);
    case MyS.dwFileAttributes of
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_COMPRESSED: Add('Attribute - File is compressed');
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HIDDEN: Add('Attribute - File is hidden');
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL: Add('Attribute - File has no any attributes');
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY: Add('Attribute - Read only file');
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM: Add('Attribute - System file');
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY: Add('Attribute - File for temporary storage');
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE: Add('Attribute - Archive file');

    FileTimeToSystemTime(MyTime, MySysTime);
      'Time Creation - '+
      IntToStr(MySysTime.wYear)+'  '+

    FileTimeToSystemTime(MyTime, MySysTime);
      'Last time access - '+

    Add('Size - '+IntToStr(MyS.nFileSizeLow));
    Add('Alternate name - '+StrPas(MyS.cAlternateFileName));

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